Row Slide Puzzle

Row Slide Puzzle

Row Slide Puzzle is a nice puzzle game in which you must slide columns and rows
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Row Slide Puzzle is a nice puzzle game in which you need to slide columns and rows in order to arrange the tiles correctly to form the picture of the chameleon. The game is timed and your moves are counted, so the faster you finish the puzzle and the less moves you make, the higher score you will get. It looks simple, but it's really challenging. If you get stuck and you need help, you can follow a link that appears in the instructions to see some tips that will help you beat the game.

When the game is over, you will see your score and you will have the chance of sharing it on three popular social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace), and you can even send it by e-mail. The game has very simple graphics and sounds, but they are OK for a simple flash game. The music is fine, but it may get a bit annoying after some time. The game can be played in full screen and even from your web browser.

All in all, if you love puzzles and you are looking for a challenging one, Row Slide Puzzle may get your attention.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Free
  • You can share your score on multiple social sites


  • Very simple graphics and sounds
  • Only one level
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